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I am passionate about passing on my knowledge and skills to young players. 1-2-1 coaching allows me to work closely with players on the technical aspects of their game to help them reach their full potential.

Lucy Wood (Former Great Britain International Hockey Player)


1-2-1 coaching is a great way to develop your technical ability and help take your game to the next level.

Prior to getting on the pitch, Lucy will have joint discussions with players and their parents to establish individual tailored goals; these are drawn up by looking through feedback forms from club/school trials, and also listening to a player's self assessment and what parts of their game they believe they need to develop.

Skill development is all about working on the small details; Lucy will analyse a players' technique and break it down to work on the different sections before practising the whole movement.


1-2-1 £60

1-2-2 £50 per player

Group of 3/4 £40 per player


Another big focus of Lucy's 1-2-1 sessions will be practising skills under fatigue.  This ensures that players are able to execute skills in the last minutes of important games when they are tired and under pressure to perform.

Parent of Darcey (Aged 12)


"Lucy is a great hockey coach!  My daughter has been having 1-2-1 lessons recently and has made big improvements.  She is brilliant at making my daughter feel comfortable.  Sessions are fun but also hard work!  My daughter regularly attends the holiday camps which are really good, but 1-2-1 is worth every penny!"

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